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 i work barefoot offers yoga instructors quick, fresh ideas to help y’all teach a damn fine class. You don’t have loads of time to read articles, watch videos, and search out content. obvi. So, now you don’t have to. Hurray! 

What We Offer: 

Back-Pocket Sequences: You have the sun salutes down. That’s good. That’s really good. Now what to do with the rest of the class space? Sequencing is just like choreography, and we know it doesn’t come super naturally to everyone, so we’re offering you mini sequences you can plug into your classes. First, you’re welcome. Second, even the most devoted and exceptional sequencers need fresh juice. Here you go; drink up.

Verbal cues. Don’t know what to say when you actually get in front of the room and people expect you to explain how to get from one pose to another, and then what to do once you get there? Yeah, it’s hard, so here’s some help. Use these cues verbatim or bastardize them to suit your personality. We don’t care; we just want to give you vocab that helps you out, yo.

Themes: Don’t use them? You should, at least sometimes. It takes vinyasa classes from feeling like they’re devoid of any heart and soul to driving home the real point of doing yoga. Themes help us feel and connect. Themes are what people take from the class they attended on a Monday morning, and use to continue their practices all day long. They go back to the thoughts provoked by their teacher, whom expertly weaved the theme throughout the class without smacking people over the head with it.

Q&A: There will always be questions. And the answers will vary depending on whom you ask. Send em here, and you’ll get our honest opinion that you can do whatever the hell you want with.

About Lara

Lara Falberg has been teaching yoga for over eleven years now. Early on, she figured out that fun, dynamic sequencing with killer music would be the focus of the Vinyasa classes she teaches. A lover of vocabulary and how words are strung together sent her on a quest to acquire interesting, effective ways to instruct others on how to move and breath. Trained in Atlanta, residing now in Columbus, Ohio, she teaches at several studios and works with the teacher training program at Yoga on High. She also wrote a novel, Yoga Train, about a group of lovable, fucked up people who go through a yoga teacher training program together. Check it here. Lara loves to share. You can eat off her plate if you want to. 

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To take a class with Lara, check her out at one of the studios listed below:




Lara is relatively active on Soc Med. She likes to abbrev! Follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Do you like podcasts? OMG, me too! yogitones is awesome. I’ve loved each one I’ve listened to, and you can find an interview with me there too. It was loads of fun.

You can also follow her epiphanies on her blog.

Lara writes loads of articles too! Check her at these websites for more brilliance and hilarity. Oh, and modesty. Mostly that. Have wine and popcorn on the ready.




Lastly, iworkbarefoot.com tanks are available! Man, I realize I should have a link to make it easy, and I’m sorry.  For now, if you want one, email me at lara@iworkbarefoot.com and either pay me cash in person or Venmo. i-work-barefoot. It’s easy and free! Send me your size and preference of men’s t-shirt or women’s tank.

iworkbarefoot tanks and tees
I mean, really. Could they be cuter? The shirts, I mean. Lara and her boyfriend Jason, they brush their hair sometimes.