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Moderately Tough, But Not Fancy Sequence

This is a strength building sequence that’s quite challenging muscularly, but not complicated. Do this sequence four times on each side, but do all four rounds on one side first. Don’t alternate. I mean, you can, but yeah, don’t.

  • High lunge, right foot forward. Hold for five breaths. Get in there.
  • Bring your left arm forward, and your right arm back. (Revolved high lunge) Hold for five breaths.
  • Tilt back, reaching your right hand towards the back of your left knee crease. Hold for three breaths.
  • Lift back up, and bring your left hand to the ground, right arm up, twisting. Hold for three breaths.
  • From there, leading with your left hand, transition into Warrior Two (Virabhadrasana Two). Hold for three breaths.
  • Come back into Hand on Ground Twist.
  • Come back into Twisted Revolved Lunge.
  • Come back to Revolved Lunge.
  • Come back to High Crescent Lunge.

When you reverse the sequence, one-two breaths is sufficient, but if you’re in over-achiever mode, hold for longer. Remember, you’ve got four rounds, so be mindful. This is going to make your legs quiver. Take a few recovery poses to even out. Seriously.

You will be damn tired after five rounds on each side, but the lovely thing is it gets smoother and smoother, allowing you to find your rhythm and build strength. Lots and lots of strength. Go.