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Discipline of the Mind

Peacock Pose
WTF. This is beyond hard, and she worked her ass off for it. See? No ass!


Discipline of the mind aims to create a more muscular mind by positive thinking, self-talking points, redirecting thoughts that don’t serve us and breathing deeply. Does it work? Well, yeah of course, if you practice it constantly.

If we approach the building of our actual muscles the same way we assess how strong our brains are, we can achieve a variety of great things. But those damn, pesky ruminations and judgemental, often untrue thoughts continue to pop up like vicious, stubborn weeds. It’s gonna take some serious surgery to remove these tumors and stop the possibility of regrowth.

Discipline feeds off of itself meaning the more you develop, the hungrier you can become for more. Discipline still allows for balance, so don’t go thinking if you practice six hours a day, that’s a good thing.

The best approach is to have just one goal pose in your sights. Practice the fuck out of it. Make sure your alignment is spot on, and don’t give up. That chick in the photo above never gives up. Wait. Give up if you get injured. Better yet, don’t get injured because you’re paying very close attention to how you feel and what you’re ready for. That’s a discipline too, yo.