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Dream Sequence

My dream sequence has come together. We had a memorial day cook-out, how original, right? Our cook-out consisted of four playful yoga-loving, rosé-appreciating, salmon burger-eating folk. The day was perfect. And when I’m surrounded by hilarity, great weather, creative minds whom I love, and rosé, my dreams become real. Really real.

I’ve been trying to work out a sequence in my head and on the mat for quite some time that feels incredibly smooth, and totally original. Yesterday, anything felt possible. So here it is, my fantasy sequence. Enjoy, and let me know how it goes. I’ll post a vid to Insta in the next day or two. Warm up real, real good with shoulder openers, strengtheners, and some dedicated core work.

  • child’s pose, knees together. Look up at your hands, carefully keeping your arms away from the ground and slither forward smoothly into cobra pose. Hissing helps.
  • cobra into sphinx. (still not sure why Sphinx hasn’t caught on as a first name.)
  • sphinx into forearm plank.
  • forearm plank into crocodile pose, and back to forearm plank.
  • forearm stand, land, straighten arms, down dog.
  • Down dog into malasana squat.
  • bind (you may need a strap) around the left leg and lift into standing marichyasana. From standing, transition bind to execute bird of paradise. Come back down, and switch sides.
  • End in mountain pose.