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Hand Muscles Cue (And Some Poses to Help You Beef Them Up!)

Do you think about your hand muscles? No? You should. Do you ever experience wrist irritation or even pain? Then you most definitely should be developing the muscles in your hands. Hasta Bandha isn’t discussed enough. Shit, I didn’t even know what it was until several years into my teaching experience. I didn’t study it while in teacher training. But you better believe I utilize it now.

hand muscles
Can you even begin to imagine how strong his hands have to be to hold these pretty lights? Okay, so that’s not a great example…


Hands are complicated and will absolutely rebel if you don’t develop your hand muscles. Even if you don’t hang out in handstands on the reg, no matter. You have to pick stuff up every now and again, yeah? Oh, you constantly need this skill? Well then, get much more friendly with developing your hand muscles, and really cool things will begin to happen. Perhaps not running into your boyfriend from seventh grade and finding out he’s all grows up and turned out super foxy, really successful, and never forgot about you cool, but I promise, lovely outcomes await.

Poses to develop hand strength:

You absolutely have to shift your body weight off your damn wrists. I know it’s hard. But a wrist injury is harder and you’ll have to do sequences like this for a while, so believe me, you’ll get through it. Hell, we’ll get through it together. Pay much closer attention to your body weight distribution. Just that action will begin to strengthen your hands.

Study this, and practice it constantly until it feels natural.

Cue: Practice ahimsa by taking the weight out of your wrists and transitioning it primarily into your finger beds and lumbrical muscles (where your fingers end and your palm begins).

Trust me on this shit.