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I am just this friendly and happy in person, 98% of the time.

If you’d like to work more closely with Lara Falberg, here’s what she has to offer:

  • Private and Corporate Yoga Instruction. Lara is based in Columbus, Ohio, but she loves to travel.
  • Consultation. Are you a new or seasoned yoga instructor who wants to figure out how to add classes to your schedule or even teach full-time? Is it difficult to determine your niche, and where your true talents live? Are you considering teacher training, and looking for the real to help you sort out if it’s the right thing for you? Lara’s been a full-time instructor since 2006 and would be tickled to assist you in figuring out how to potentially do the same. You can connect with Lara via phone or video chat. To discuss the deets, email her: lara@iworkbarefoot.com
  • Workshops. Lara has taught numerous workshops over the course of her career. Her specialties are balancing poses, using the wall as your prop, sequencing for teachers and for students looking to develop a serious home practice, developing your own vocabulary of verbal cues, and how to effectively weave themes throughout the class without clubbing students over the head with it. Email Lara if you’d like to discuss hosting a workshop.
  • Motivational Speaking. If you’re all good in the inspiration and motivation department, right on. If you want to hire Lara to come speak to your group or company to help inspire a higher degree of morale, productivity, and cohesiveness, she’s developed a workshop involving The Four Agreements, gratitude, discipline techniques, self-awareness practices, and, of course, yoga! It’s called The Equation. It’s effective, fun, and interactive. Email her to discuss your interest further.