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Mission Yoga, Charleston, SC Studio Review

I have been studying yoga at Mission Yoga in Charleston for about 2.5 years.  When I’m really dedicated I make it almost daily!  But sometimes life gets busy, or I travel, and I don’t make it for a week… 2 weeks…. 3 weeks!

And when I finally do make it back for a class, I’m reminded of what a great community we have at Mission Yoga.  Just walking into the studio is a bit like coming home.

Whomever is teaching is ready with a smile and a greeting, and often a hug for me, since I’ve become friends with many of the teachers.  Mission really has become my own community, a space in which I feel completely comfortable.

The studio room is small, compared to other spaces I’ve been to, maxing out at three rows of 9.  But it makes for intimate classes.  I often know quite a few people in the class, which just adds to the practice experience.

Each teacher has her own style, from fast paced, sweat-your-butt-off, to slow, restorative poses. I think we get the best of what the teacher has to offer, as we get the class best suited to his/her teaching style. In particular, Kelly Jean Moore, the studio owner, teaches a Yin-Vin class, or a combination of Yin Yoga, and Vinyasa.  So we move, we hold poses, we move, hold, etc.  But in each class we get philosophy, history, whatever Kelly Jean is thinking of, and an original movement pattern that reflects those thoughts.  The energy and dedication Kelly Jean, and the other teachers, put into their teachings is quite extraordinary. Students get a fully present, dedicated teacher. Which is the type of person I want to be in “real” life, outside of the studio: present, dedicated, and whole. Mission Yoga is my space to practice being just that.

~Review submitted by Kari Kistler, Charleston, SC

*Editor’s note: I’ve been to this studio myself, and LOVED it. Check out Mission Yoga! If you’re ever in Charleston, be sure to swing in.