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No Wrists Required Sequence

Wrists are not difficult to injure. My partner Jason has a cranky wrist. I know many of you can relate. But he wants to build heat and experience dynamic movements. Again, the relating thing. So, I was playing around today, not overthinking, just moving and breathing. It’s when the very best stuff rises to the top. There’s a bit of fancy, but it’s all for a purpose. Try it out, and please let me know if you have any suggestions. I dig big on collaboration.

  • Headstand. Move legs wide, and then into the splits, eventually finding Badda Konasana, back to wide legs.
  • Land in Prasarita Padotanasana. Enjoy for several breaths.
  • Spin to your left, and move into Pyramid Pose. Don’t you worry about it if you land off of your omat. It’s fine.
  • Half Moon Pose with a bind. Let that quadricep muscle open.
  • Cross the elevated leg over the bottom leg landing with both feet on the ground wso your pinky toes are touching. Nice.
  • Walk your feet a few inches a part, and bend your knees, crossing your arms to land in Eight Diamond Pose. So pretty.
  • Pyramid Pose on the other side, then half-moon. Rinse and repeat until your opposite foot is in front and your legs are again crossed to move into Eight Diamond Pose on the other side.
  • Spin to the right so you’re off the mat, but facing the short end of the top of your mat. Again, it’s fine.
  • Step your right foot back and move into Pigeon Pose or Lizard Pose.
  • If Pigeon Pose worked out for you, roll to your outer left hip to bring your right leg over and take Baby Grasshopper. Wanna see that transition?
  • No wrists required.