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Slow Your Roll

Slow Your Roll. How many times in our lives have we heard this advice? Maybe it wasn’t worded exactly like that, but we’ve all been told to slow down, chill, relax, take a breath, or some other such thing. First, you probably heard that request from your parents when you were a wee one trying to explain something to them at the speed of light. Or maybe you went after a job you weren’t yet qualified to do and were advised to set your sights on an entry level position. Have you ever tried to turn a brand new romance into a serious commitment before you even knew your love interest’s last name? If any of this is true for you, slow the fuck down.

Why is this so important? Um, okay, let’s talk about it. Have you ever been in a class with a new beginner who tried to do a Headstand and fell right out of it? Of course you have. Have you ever been the one to attempt Handstand Pose without taking the time to control your breath, stabilize your shoulders, and utilize Hasta Bandha? Yep, ditto.

Without taking the time to approach any person, situation, or experience with proper timing and application of the necessary understanding, it’s going to go south. It just will.

Slow down, assess what’s happening, and become aware of what’s missing and you’ll achieve a very different, much more desirable outcome. Pinky fucking swear it.