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The Power of Suggestion

The power of suggestion hits us harder than we realize. I would not be a yoga teacher today (probably) if someone I admired hadn’t said, “Hey, you should think about becoming a yoga teacher.” And think I did. It didn’t take very long to decide that yes indeed, I wanted this. But even though I signed up for teacher training, I kept telling myself it was simply to ‘deepen my practice’. Sound familiar? It’s scary to admit you really want something. And once I was in the throes of of my training program, I realized:

  1. Learning to teach is very hard. Much harder than I could have imagined.
  2. It’s terribly overwhelming. There is SO much information coming all up and at you very quickly.
  3. I wanted to teach yoga badly, but was terrified to admit it.
  4. I was changing, all because of the power of suggestion.

So, once my training program was over, it was time to teach. But I didn’t feel ready. Does that also sound familiar? I bet it does. Yet, opportunities, excellent ones, kept showing up. So I could either stay cloaked in my fear or embrace them, and try. So, I tried, and I sucked. But I got better. I left my job of eight years just four months after training to teach full-time. All because of the extreme power of suggestion.