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World Class Sequence

This world class sequence consists of a couple of my very favorite two-three posture sequences ever. EVER! I posted it on Instagram this morning, and you can watch it here:

Note: You can use your desktop or laptop computer to watch content on Instagram. You can sign up for a free account and never post. You can make it private. I say this because the question has come up several times about how to view videos if one does not have an Instagram account. Just go on and get one.

Here’s a brief description of the sequence:

  • Begin in seated twist with your right leg extended long, twisting towards your bent left leg.
  • Untwist, and walk your hands over to the right and behind you as you lift your right leg, and swing in under your left bent leg. Spin on your left foot until you are in three-legged dog (this is hard to explain, so you might wanna watch the video a few times).
  • Bring your right leg forward into Pigeon Pose. Ahhhh.
  • From Pigeon, move into Baby Grasshopper Pose by rolling over your right hip, and then onto your left hip as you step your right foot to the outside of your left leg. Use either your forearm to balance or your hand.
  • From Baby Grasshopper, lift up into revolved bound half-moon pose. (I’m serious).

This is certainly a bit tricky, so watch the video, and try it out. And then try it out again.